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Studded tyres are safe and reasonably priced at our online store

How to choose studded tyres for winter?
When choosing winter tyres, ask yourself these three questions: Where do I drive? How often do I drive? How experienced am I? Don’t rush into choosing the winners of tyre tests announced in popular car magazines because our climate is not the same as in Northern Finland, Northern Sweden or Northern Russia.

A good studded tyre has perfect traction on icy surfaces both when braking and making a turn. Whatever the manoeuvre, a studded tyre does its job. It is the perfect choice for the Latvian climate.

One of the advantages of a studded tyre is slower wear; however, many users complain about distressing noise created by studded tyres. It should be noted that after 1,000–2,000 kilometres the studs will “sit” at their place and create less noise.

Why can the choice made based on the test results published in car magazines be wrong? Many people buy tyres based on what they have read in magazines or websites, and the general assumption is that a tyre with higher ranking is automatically one of the best in the world. We have tested many tyres in the Latvian climate and know that it is not that simple. Majority of tests have been carried out in places that differ significantly from the conditions in Latvia. When was the last time we had freezing cold winter that lasted long? Whereas the problem with noise pointed out in tests cannot be associated with our climate at all because at temperatures as low as –30°C it is totally quiet outside as the noise is muted. Naturally, the noise created by tyres inside the car is louder than under normal circumstances. We at Rehvid Pluss are convinced that you shouldn’t always choose the winner of a test. Instead, consult our specialists who know which tyre is the most suitable for you.

There is a common perception that studded tyres cause damage to asphalt, which happens to be true. However, choosing a tyre with fewer studs will ease this problem significantly. Security is the priority. Studded tyres will bring your car to a safe stop even in extreme winter conditions. Modern studded tyres are designed for ABS brakes and function perfectly even with fewer studs.

We also recommend planning your purchase before the season begins. This way you will have more time to make a decision and to receive your tyres on time.

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What should you know when buying studded tyres?


Is a studded tyre more expensive than an all-season tyre?

There is a common perception that a studded tyre is more expensive than an all-season tyre. Here, it is important to differentiate between Northern and Central European all-season tyres. The latter are, indeed, significantly cheaper than studded tyres, but they are also designed for the roads of Central Europe. The main reason behind the cheaper price is the fact that the market, where snow and ice is not a factor, are large and the price per tyre can therefore be reduced. For our weather conditions a studded tyre or a Northern European all-season tyre is the perfect choice. Their price difference is almost non-existent.

How many studs should be in a tyre in our climate?

As mentioned before, people are often intimidated by the noise coming from studded tyres. It’s no wonder, if you have 200 or more studs in a tyre. All large tyre manufacturers produce such tyres, and they are the ones to win the tests. With our weather conditions, a tyre can have much less studs. This will guarantee the desired result – less noisy driving experience. Also, a car with fewer studs in tyres is more easily handled on dry and wet asphalt. A tyre with fewer studs is perfect for our conditions.

How long is the lifespan of a tyre?

As a general rule, an all-season tyre lasts for at least two, a studded tyre for at least three winters. A lot will depend on how often you drive your car and what is your driving style. We had a client who had bought a new powerful car but already needed tyre change after only 2,000 kilometres. A driver should also know his/her car and notice the traction getting worse – this is the ideal time to come to Rehvid Pluss for new tyres.
When buying studded tyres and alloy wheels together, you can have them delivered home for only 10 €
Delivery is free when buying 4 or more studded tyres
Studded tyres can be returned within 14 days for refund
Flexible payment options: bank transfer on the basis of an invoice or card payment